Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy

The Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘N Swing is one of the best additions to any new parent’s home. Baby swings are an easy way to either soothe your child, or entertain them for extended periods of time. The My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘N Swing comes with an attached mobile with dancing animals that can entertain your baby while you go about your chores around the house. It is part of the My Little Snugapuppy collection, which features many other toys for the entertainment of your baby, while giving new parents a few moments to sit back and relax. The My Little Snugapuppy can be used for newborns until they learn how to climb out of the cradle. The swing is perfect for parents who need something that can entertain their babies while they clean the house, cook, or even just rest from the constant work of taking care of a new baby.Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing The swing can also help parents soothe their children into sleeping or taking naps, which can prove invaluable for new parents learning how to adjust their lives to the demands they now face with their new baby.Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and SwingClick for the Lowest Price

Product Features:

  • The My Little Snugapuppy comes with Two Swing Motions, side to side cradle swing or traditional head to toe swing, for whatever is most soothing for your baby
  • The cradle swing features SmartSwing technology that will ensure that even as your baby grows and gains more weight, the speeds of the swing will not be affected and will adjust to your infant’s weight. SmartSwing technology also allows the swing to start without needing to be pushed, which is helpful for busy parents.
  • The swing comes with six different speeds, from low to high, for whatever is most comfortable for your child.
  • Sixteen songs with soothing and calming nature sounds will play with the swing, giving your child both soothing and varying music to listen to while they play or sleep.
  • The seat is also able to recline in two different positions for the comfort of your baby.
  • The seat can has three different adjustable positions for baby’s comfort. You can adjust the seat to the center, left facing, or right facing.
  • It is exceptionally easy to change the position of the seat by the simple push of a button.
  • The attached mobile comes with a mirrored globe and dancing animals that can serve as safe and entertaining toys for your baby.
  • The seat cover is removable and machine washable, which is ideal for new parents with messy newborns.
  • There is an insertable body insert that can give your baby the support they need at all stages of their growth.
  • The swing also comes with extra head support for your newborn baby so they are safe within the swing.
  • For extra infant entertainment, the swing comes with a take-along teether toy that can be used even when your baby has outgrown the swing. Any new parent knows how important it is to have a safe and entertaining toy for children to put in their mouths.
  • Powered by 4 D size batteries, but can also be powered by the 120 volt AC adapter that comes with the swing     Little Snugapuppy

What do you need for set up?

In order to set the My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘N Swing up, you will only need few easy tools. It is powered by either 4 D size batteries, or a 120 volt AC power adapter which comes with the swing for free. In order to set the swing up, you only need an Allen wrench and a Phillips screw driver. The swing comes with an Allen wrench for your use, but it does not come with a Phillips screw driver. It is easy to put together out of the box, for easy, and fast use for you and your child.

Customer Reviews are Raving about the My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘N Swing

Customer reviews on both Amazon and Google extol the virtues of the swing. On Google, the My Little Snugapuppy has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, with 109 reviews, while on Amazon it has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Customers value the safety measures that are in place on the My Little Snugapuppy swing, because there is nothing more important for new parents in buying a toy. One customer on Amazon “really like[d] that it has secure 5 point straps to make sure the baby doesn’t slip out of the swing….I am glad that this swing has a secure body harness so I don’t have to worry about [the baby slipping out of the swing]”. Safety is one of the most important overall features of the Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy model. Another customer also praised the seat for its versatility in caring for your baby, “If your little one has reflux, the slightly inclined seat may help maintain an upright position for the appropriate time necessary to minimize problems. If you plan to use this as more than a sleep-inducing item, the multiple seat options are nice”. This review highlights the many uses that the swing has for parents and babies alike.


Overall, the Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘N Swing is one of the most competitive baby swings on the market today. It has varying seat positions, allowing for the most comfortable position for the baby. The SmartSwing technology works to ensure that even when your baby grows and begins to gain more weight, the swing will continue to work strongly and efficiently. When your baby inevitably makes a mess in the swing, it is easy to take the seat cover off and wash it, which all parents will greatly appreciate. The attached mobile with mirrored globe and dancing animals can entertain your baby while they are awake in the swing, and when combined with sixteen soothing songs, can help put your baby to sleep. It is one of the most versatile and useful products on the market, and a must have for any new parent.

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